Gay Themes

In these books with gay themes, you'll find heartbreaking stories. The harmful effects of fundamentalist religion are exposed in the lives of these people.

How can those who teach about a loving God insist the same God will send you to hell if you are gay?

How can they inflict so much damage onto another human being? And all in the name of "love." God's love, no less.

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In Boy Erased, Garrard Conley tells his story. He's the only child of loving parents who raised him in a Missionary Baptist church.

When he is outed by a fellow college student, it hits his parents hard.

Now he must choose between agreeing to conversion therapy or risk losing family, friends, and everything he's ever known.

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Brokeback Mountain is the story of Ennis del Mar and Jack Twist, two ranch hands who come together when they're working as sheepherder and camp tender.

They don't talk about the sex. Not until much later. Except for the one time Ennis said, "I'm not no queer," and Jack quickly replied with, "Me neither. A one-shot thing. Nobody's business but ours."

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Saint Unshamed, a memoir by Kerry Ashton, tells of a gay Mormon's life, and healing from the shame of religion, rape, conversion therapy, and cancer.

His story of growing up gay in the Mormon religion and his experiences during his four years at Brigham Young University is heartbreaking.

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