Saving Katy

How can taking your children to church be a bad thing? Katy's husband thinks taking them to this one is...

Saving Katy is the story of Katy Sims McKenna, a young wife and mother who joins a church her mother has been attending for some time. She takes her children with her and prays her husband will soon follow, but that does not happen.

Patrick has his own ideas about what makes up spiritual life. He becomes more and more troubled by the amount of time Katy has the children in church and what they are being taught.

The more he learns of this particular church, the more he dislikes it. Finally, he tells Katy he will do whatever is necessary to keep his children from the influence of such teachings.

Katy is now forced to make what seems an impossible choice. Can salvation be had only by way of what her church teaches? Can it also be found outside the church, as Patrick believes? How can she find a way to maintain her faith and, at the same time, restore her once-happy home?

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