Kingdom Coming

In Kingdom Coming, Goldberg demonstrates how an increasingly bellicose fundamentalism is gaining traction throughout our national life. 

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Michelle Goldberg, a senior political reporter for, has been covering the intersection of politics and ideology for years.

Before the 2004 election and during the ensuing months when many Americans were trying to understand how an administration marked by cronyism, disregard for the national budget, and poorly disguised self-interest had been reinstated, Goldberg traveled through the heartland of a country in the grips of a fevered religious radicalism: the America of our time.

From the classroom to the mega-church to the federal court, she saw how the growing influence of dominionism – the doctrine that Christians have the right to rule unbelievers – is threatening the foundations of democracy.

Deep within the red zones of a divided America, we meet military retirees pledging to seize the nation in Christ's name, perfidious congressmen courting the confidence of neo-confederates and proponents of theocracy. and leaders of federally funded programs offering Jesus as the solution to the country's social problems.

With her trenchant interviews and the telling testimonies of the people behind this movement, Goldberg gains access into the hearts and minds of citizens who are striving to remake the secular Republic bequeathed by our founders into a Christian nation run according to their interpretation of scripture.

In her examination of the ever-widening divide between believers and nonbelievers, Goldberg illustrates the subversive effect of this conservative stranglehold nationwide. In an age when faith rather than reason is heralded and the values of the Enlightenment are threatened by a mystical nationalism claiming divine sanction, Kingdom Coming brings us face to face with the irrational forces that are remaking much of America.

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In the epilogue of this reprint edition (April 17, 2007) of Kingdom Coming, Goldberg states that Christian nationalism was, for the moment, in retreat.

She was right. Things were looking better. Barack Obama became the first black president and served two terms. Two women were appointed to the Supreme Court. Gay marriage became legal in all 50 states.

Progress, right?

Then, along came Donald Trump. And we've been going backward ever since. Even though he lost the last election (thank goodness!), he has managed to keep the republican party under his thumb. Now, in 2022, with the three Supreme Court Justices appointed by Trump, women are about to lose rights that will take us back 50 years.

We need to know how we got here and who these people are who are so determined to force us all to live by their religious beliefs.

Kingdom Coming will help you to understand.

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