Traumatized By Religious Abuse

In Traumatized By Religious Abuse, discover the Cultures and Systems of Religious Abuse and Reclaim Your Personal Power.

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‘Traumatized by Religious Abuse: Courage, Hope and Freedom for Survivors’ is a comprehensive resource for those who have experienced religious abuse, be it psychological, verbal, sexual, or financial. With authenticity, openness, and careful consideration of many different faith traditions, Connie provides a path to hope and healing.

In ‘Traumatized by Religious Abuse.' the author answers the following questions:

How does abuse happen in religious institutions?

What is unique about religious abuse? 

How are power and control used in religious abuse? 

What are the hallmark characteristics of abusive leaders and abusive religious cultures?

What are the implicit and subtle messages used by abusers? 

What are the emotional, mental, and existential damages after abuse? 

How can a survivor recover and heal? 

Connie A Baker covers in depth how religious ideas are often used to manipulate followers and how fear, shame, guilt, and superstition can be leveraged for control. She points out that spiritual and religious abuse is not confined to any one type of religion or cult. This dynamic of abusive behavior can be found in many types of spiritual communities. 

 She writes from the perspective of a professional therapist who teaches and counsels survivors, and from her own perspective from being a survivor of religious abuse. “When I went through horrible religious abuse back in 1990, I was completely confused and without resources to get clarity and heal. I never want anyone to go through what I did after abuse. This is the book I needed back then and didn’t have.

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I have to say that I found many things in this book all too familiar. Things that I've heard  from the church all my life but never considered abusive. As soon as I read them, I recognized them as such. Why had I never seen that before?

It's amazing what we can get used to, isn't it?

Highly recommended.

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